There are emulators of other video game consoles and computers that run on Android devices and than there are emulators of Android operating system and Android APPs on PC / Mac /Linux. What is that you are looking for?

What Type of Android Emulators

Super Nintendo.

Download SNES Android emulator SNESoid or Nintendo NES emulator for android NESoid.
For playing SEGA Genesis roms use GENSoid and for Gameboy Advance (GBA roms) download GameBoid.

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Side Load .apk files
Here you can download android emulator free full version or lite. APK files for sideloading apps that for whatever reason are not listed in Google Play Store.

Types of Emulators

Google android emulators can be used on Google Phones like Nexus ONE or in Laptops. Android emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac...

Android Emulators

Everybody loves their Androids.  However, we have to admit that we still have a long way to go in order to catch up to the massive library of games in IOS.  Thanks to Google’s permissive market standards as well as the easy side-loading or installing of non-market apps of Android, however, it has become the king of emulators allowing tens of thousands of games to be played that users of IOS cannot even play without having to go through phone jailbreak.

The same approval standards that enable emulators to run wild also mean that there is plenty of garbage for filtering through. In case you didn’t know, a lot of emulators available on the market are either hacks or clones of other’s work or project while there are some emulators that are rather super costly as compared to more efficient and more robust alternatives.  It can be quite challenging to choose the best one for your favorite system so allow Hardcore Droid to share with you our top choices for our favorite systems.


RetroArch was developed as an effort to fill in the gap between Android and PC emulation, by providing a very accurate and powerful emulator that can support over a dozen systems – all for free.  With the broad support it offers, RetroArch is indeed a must-have for emulation fanatics.  

It is the only way for playing Cave Story or Virtual Boy games plus it also offers Sega CD emulation at its best on the Android.  While in terms of usability and interface RetroArch is sort of lacking and also it has some pretty slow cores, for the most part it comes with some of the most accurate, top-quality emulation available on the market these days.  In addition, support for a lot more systems is on its way and soon to be enjoyed.


accurate and powerful emulator that can support over a dozen of video game systems – all for free.


considered one of the most significant Arcade game emulators of all time.


you can still side-load or download it manually, or you can get if from an alternative market app

Snes9x EX+

Super Nintendo emulator with broad compatibility and support for touch-friendly SNES peripherals.